Prof. dr Zoran Kadelburg  

              Full professor of Faculty of Mathematics 
              Chair for Real and Functional Analysis 
              Teaching:  Mathematical Analysis
                                 (Monday  8-10, Wednesday 8-10)
              Consultations:  Monday from 10, room 710 
              Selected publications  
              Books, textbooks 
              Fields of scientific interest Srpski 


    Dr Zoran Kadelburg, born in 1950, graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade 1973, M.A. 1976 (same Faculty) with "Non-locally convex linear topological spaces". Ph. D. 1980 (same Faculty) with "Asymptotics of the spectral function of differential operators".
He is employed at the Faculty of Mathematics since 1975, and  was on specialization at the Moscow State University (MGU) 1978/79.
He is a member of the Mathematical Society of Serbia (president of the Society 1991-1995) and American Mathematical Society.
He is also editor of the journal "Matematicki Vesnik" and delegate of the National Committee for Mathematics of Yugoslavia in the International Mathematical Union (IMU).

Fields of scientific interest:

- Topological vector spaces (AMS classification 46Axx);
- Spectral theory of differential operators (AMS classification34Lxx).

Books, textbooks:

1.Matematicka analiza I (with D. Adnadjevic), 4-th ed., "Nauka", Beograd 1995.
2.Matematicka analiza II (with D. Adnadjevic), 2-nd ed., "Nauka", Beograd 1994.
3.Subspaces and quotients of topological and ordered vector spaces (with S. Radenovic), Institute of Mathematics, Novi Sad 1997.
4.Several high-school textbooks.
Selected publications:

1. Z. Kadelburg: Ob asimptotike "spektral'nyh funkcij" dvuh nesamosopryazhennyh kraevyh zadach, Mat. Zametki 30, 5 (1981), 659-667 [Engl. transl. in Math. Notes 30, 5-6 (1982), 827-831].
2. Z. Kadelburg: Ob asimptotike spektral'noj funkcii dlya obyknovennyh differencial'nyh operatorov zadannyh dvuchlenoj operaciej na otrezke, Differenc. uravneniya, 18, 9 (1982), 1475-1480
[Engl. transl. in Differ. Equations 18 (1983), 1033-1037].
3. Z. Kadelburg: O dvukratnom razlozhenii v ryad po sobstvennym funkciyam zadachi Orra-Zommerfel'da, Differenc. uravneniya 21, 6, (1985), 264-268.
4. Z. Kadelburg, M. Martinovich: Spektral'naya funkciya odnogo funkcional'no-differencial'nogo operatora vtorogo poryadka, Differenc. uravneniya, 25, 11 (1989), 1882-1888 [Engl. transl. in Differ. Equations 25, 11 (1989), 1317-1322].
5. Z. Kadelburg, S. Radenovic: Three-space-problem for some classes of linear topological spaces, Comment. Math. Univ. Carolinae 37, 3 (1996), 507-514.
6. Z. Kadelburg, S. Radenovic: Subspaces and Quotients of Topological and Ordered Vector Spaces, pp. 122, Institute of Mathematics, University of Novi Sad, 1997.
7. S. Radenovic, Z. Kadelburg: Some properties of short exact sequences of locally convex Riesz spaces, Comment. Math. Univ. Carolinae 39, 1 (1998), 81-89.
8. S. Radenovic, Z. Kadelburg: On A. Grothendieck's problems concerning (F) and (DF)-spaces, to appear in Scientiae Math. 1, 1998.