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Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade

Union of Mathematical Societies of Yugoslavia

Institute of Mathematics, Novi Sad

Mathematical Society of Serbia



Belgrade, January 21-24, 2001


The 10th Congress of Yugoslav Mathematicians was held January 21 to 24 2001 in Belgrade. The organizers were: Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Mathematical Society of Serbia, Union of Mathematical Societies of Yugoslavia and Institute of Mathematics FS in Novi Sad.

The Congress worked in 12 sections: Logic, Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Real and Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis and Operator Theory, Differential Equations, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Analysis and Optimization, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Teaching, History and Popularizing of Mathematics.

The Republic Seminar 2001 on Mathematics and Computer Science Education in primary and secondary schools, and universities was the part of the Teaching section of the Congress.

Two plenary lectures (Stevo Todorcevic and Judita Cofman), 14 invited lectures and 181 section lectures were held during the Congress. About 900 mathematicians took part. Four round tables were held and their conclusions will be passed to the corresponding institutions.

A prize was awarded by the Organizing Committee to Danko Jocic for the contributions in mathematical sciences by researchers up to 40 years old.

The Assembly of the Union of Mathematical Societies of Yugoslavia was held during the Congress.

The Proceedings of the 10th Congress will be published after the Congress. Two copies of the manuscript should be sent to:

  • Matematicki fakultet, za Zbornik radova, Studentski trg 16, P.O.B. 550 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia

not later than March 31st 2001. For papers which, after the usual refereeing process will be accepted for publication, the authors will be asked to send the \TeX-files on a diskette or by e-mail to