SpecDist page


SpecDist is the collection of C++ programs created for computation of spectral distances of simple finite graphs, where the spectral distance between two graphs of the same order is defined by the sum of the absolute values of differences between pairs of their eigenvalues given in non-increasing order. The eigenvalues are related to the adjacency, the Laplacian or the signless Laplacian matrix of a graph. The procedures for computing Laplacian and signless Laplacian energies are also included. The code has been written by Irena Jovanović and Zoran Stanić.

    All exe files (for Windows), examples of input files and the file readme.pdf (containing all necessary details) of the latest version 2.0 (2017) are given here. The first version created in 2012 included only the file SpecDist.exe.

   Initial results obtained by using SpecDist are summarized in I. Jovanović, Z. Stanić, Spectral distances of graphs, Linear Algebra Appl., 436 (2012) 1425-1435 and I. Jovanović, Z. Stanić, Spectral distances of graphs based on their different matrix representations, Filomat, 28 (2014) 723-734.

   If you use SpecDist in your research, please cite the first of the above papers (where the software is described).