The Faculty of Mathematics appeals to all mathematicians and computer scientists in the world to help halt the aggression against our country, its people, science and culture. In the course of the past twenty years numerous mathematicians from all part of the world have visited Yugoslavia, either as guests of the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, or as participants in conferences organized by the Faculty. Placing our trust in their scholarly credibility, we appeal to them to testify about their memories of Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia, their recollections of Belgrade colleagues, against the distorted images they are now receiving of this part of the world. We are appealing to you in the hope that the power of sound reasoning, an intrinsic part of our profession, is still beyond the unreasonable and injudicious usage of modern technology. If the reverse turns out to be true, this will mark the demise of mathematics itself.

The Faculty of Mathematics also appeals to all mathematicians who have obtained their doctorates here and subsequently earned international recognition, to make their colleagues acquainted with the full facts of the country of their origin.

The Faculty of Mathematics also appeals to all its graduates, wherever they are in the world.

Faculty of Mathematics
University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
April 2nd 1999.

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