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The purpose of this list is to provide a virtual forum for scholarly discussion of the HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS (in a broad sense), amongst professionals and non-professionals with an earnest interest in the field.
Postings are to be highly relevant to the purpose of this list. All TRADITIONAL aspects of the history of mathematics are expected to be heavily discussed here. Additionally,

        - History of _history of mathematics_
        - Current trends in the history of mathematics
        - History of _mathematics outside Europe_
        - Ethnomathematics
        - Pedagogical issues
        - Origin of mathematical terms/symbols
        - Biographies and obituaries
        - Bibliographical references (databases)
        - Reviews of new books/articles/URLs
        - Announcements of conferences, meetings, jobs ...

Contributors should strive to submit posts containing interesting, worthwhile or new information about substantive topics on the
history of mathematics, in a conscious effort to keep the signal- to-noise ratio as high as possible.

Pertinent comments, queries, replies... should be written with the same standards of thoughtfulness and care that apply to
other scholarly activities; not necessarily at the level of writing a book or an article for a journal, but at least at
the level of the informal printed stuff (eg photocopies) used at courses.

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