Astronomical Observatory Belgrade


May 07 - 11, 2008
Belgrade, Serbia

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 Scientific Organizing Committee:  Local Organizing Committee:
 Milan S. Dimitrijević (Co-chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade )  Andjelka Kovačević
 Milcho K. Tsvetkov (Co-chairman, Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia )  Edi Bon
 Luka Č. Popović (Co-vice chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade )  Miodrag Dačić
 Georgi Ivanov(Co-vice chairman, Astronomical Observatory, Sofia University)  Milan S. Dimitrijević
 Alexander P. Antov (Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia)  Nataša Gavrilović
 Tanyu Bonev(Institute of Astronomy, BAS, Sofia )  Dragana Ilić
 Miodrag Dačić(Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade )  Jelena Kovačević
 Lachezar G. Filipov (Space Research Institute, BAS, Sofia)  Žarko Mijajlović
 Valeri Golev( Astronomical Observatory, Sofia University)  Tatjana Milovanov
 Darko Jevremović(Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade )  Luka Č. Popović
 Predrag Jovanović (Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade )  Zoran Simić
 Andjelka Kovačević (Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade)  
 Žarko Mijajlović(Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade)  
 Nadežda Pejović(Department of Astronomy,Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade)  
 Dejan Urošević(Department of Astronomy,Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade)  

Organizers: Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade; Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade; Astronomical Society "Rudjer Bošković", Belgrade.

The 200th Anniversary of Belgrade University

The roots of the University of Belgrade go back to 1808, the year when the College (Velika škola) was first founded in Serbia. The conference is a part of the activities on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Belgrade University.

Milan S. Dimitrijević
Astronomical Observatory
Volgina 7
11160 Belgrade, Serbia

Andjelka Kovačević
Department of Astronomy
Faculty of Mathematics
Studentski Trg 16
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


The deadline for Abstracts (see attached template) is 1st March 2008.

The proceedings of the VI-SBAC will be published until the end of 2008 and the deadline for manuscripts is July 1st 2008. There is no strict limit of the page number, but contributions will be reviewed by SOC and if some of them are too extensive a shorter version will be requested. The usual expected size of the papers are: invited talk - 10-16 pages, contributed talk 6-10 pages and poster 4-8 pages.