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The instruction of mathematics in Serbia began immediately after the foundation of the Lycée in 1838. The subsequent development of this discipline coincides with the development path of basic sciences in Serbia.

In 1853, the Science and Engineering Department was founded within the Lycée as one of its three departments. In the 1863 - 1873 period, science and mathematics were studied within the framework of the Faculty of Engineering of the Superior School (Velika Škola). Finally, by the end of that decade, these sciences were returned to the Faculty of Philosophy through the foundation of the Science and Mathematics Department of that Faculty. During the next seventy-four years until 1947, science and mathematics developed within the framework of the Faculty of Philosophy. That year the Science and Mathematics Department became the independent Faculty of Science and Mathematics.

Through reorganisation of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, in 1990 the Department of Mathematics acquired operative and organisational autonomy. The status of an independent institution within the structure of the University of Belgrade was acquired by the Faculty of Mathematics in 1995, through the constitution of its own management bodies and enactiment of the Statute of the Faculty.

Since its founding, the Faculty has graduated out 4323 graduate students, 576 holders of M.S. degree, and 361 holders of doctoral degrees. Ten members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts were elected from among the ranks of the TEACHING STAFF of this Faculty.